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With more than 30 years of experience in the distribution of global brands and multiple successes in managing our own products has made us experts in our field! We have introduced 45 international brands on exclusive distribution to the Polish market.

We are the leader in exotic cuisine in Polish market with our own brands. In 2006 De Care launched its own brand – House od Asia. After successful launch De Care started to produce other own brand: Casa de Mexico, Casa del Sur, Quality Food and Livity with our own facility in Warsaw.

We are experts in exotic cuisine:

  We develop our own range of specialized brands of carefully selected high quality products.

  We promote the products based on the tradition and the culture of the country of origin.

  All our products are CERTIFIED FOR QUALITY.

  We cooperate with 100 SUPPLIERS FROM 27 COUNTRIES.

  We expand our portfolio and launch novelties in new categories.

  We uses global cutting-edge technologies to guarantee that its products represent top quality and are homogeneous.

We are a member of international associations for European and world companies involved in distribution of the best food products and drinks in the world: CEISA and ESMA.  As a member of these organization, we have ready access to the latest market studies, trends and analyses, which directly translates into growth in sales.

We support charitable organizations

We support charitable organizations around the world:  Goodwill Center and Kiva

As part of corporate social responsibility, De Care is actively involved in charitable activities and helps those in need. More about KIVA > Click here

We strive to pay attention to what is going on around us and help those who need it the most. A company’s success should enable it to help others. More about Goodwill click here> 

How to protect our environment

De Care is fiercely committed to being organic. Guided by our organic principles, we are committed to being GM-free and will only use ingredients from non-GM sources.
At De Care we take our commitment to the environment seriously. We promote our sustainable actions, both social and economic, to suppliers and customers on a regular basis.
We are always looking for ways to be more natural and reduce our impact on the environment. It influences every single decision we make.

We strive to reduce the environmental impact of our packaging while ensuring our packaging protects our products effectively.

De Care also promotes recovery and recycling, using recycled materials wherever possible. We choose materials with an inherently lower impact on the environment. In considering the impact of packaging on the environment we look at several indicators including carbon footprint, water usage, non-renewable energy use and solid waste generation.

Our current activities

Yummity at Sial Paris 21-25.10.2018 more>

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