About Us


Life is too short to eat dull and unhealthy food.


De Care is a leading company specialized in distributing food products from around the world. De Care has been distributing ethnic products on the Polish market for nearly 25 years. The company was founded out of passion for traveling, fascination with different cuisines and persistence in experimenting, combining and reproducing tastes that stuck in our minds.

But above all, the people is what really makes the company. We are passionate about what we do and love good food hailing from the furthest corners of the world. We have been spreading our passion throughout Poland for almost a quarter of a century.

We want to convince others that food does not have to be boring and eating the same dishes over and over again is a huge waste of time. By seeking new products, visiting producers in order to verify quality, and participating in the largest trade fairs around the world, the company was able to expand the current product line and introduce a new range of products.

“We recognize a strong trend underlining the demand for new flavors amongst customers. Poles more often select distant countries for their holiday destinations. The unforgettable culinary experiences during their travels contribute to the desire to reproduce those tastes at home. And this is possible thanks to products supplied by De Care”.

Below you can find the vision and mission of De Care as well as our brands and sales channels.


Focus on the quality, natural origin and authenticity of the products. Following the market trends and addressing the needs of consumers. Striving to achieve the leading role in distribution of branded products on the Polish market.

We wish to promote a healthy lifestyle along with original and top-tier quality products, develop long-lasting relationships with our customers and consumers as well as expand our product lines with new ranges of products. We want to become a trusted business partner for our customers and thus provide them with products that both guarantee satisfaction and meet their expectations.

We introduced over 40 international brands on the Polish market. Our offer includes up to 500 products from various cuisines:

Asian (Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Korean), Peruvian, Mexican, Mediterranean (Italian, Greek), European (French, English), OrientalHealthy, Grill and Vegetarian.


• We serve as the strategic supplier of ethnic products to networks such as: Auchan, Carrefour, Leclerc, Real, Tesco, Biedronka, Intermarche.
• We supply products to Cash & Carry networks: Makro, Selgros.
• We also supply the traditional market, which includes the delicatessen and grocery stores such as: Piotr i Paweł, Alma, MarcPol, Żabka, FreshMarket and thousands more.
• We also supply our products to Rossmann and Empik as well as online stores.
• Catering is handled directly by us and through regional distributors.